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I have lived in San Francisco since 1986. This city has it all from the beach and parks to restaurants, shopping and entertainment. There is always something to explore and this section of my website is created to share the pleasures of living here.


Stay-cation recommendation is walking the stairways of San Francisco. The ones near me are the Vulcan and Pemberton Stairs. Here are current and historical images of the Vulcan Stairs with my pooch Sasha.



This Tenderloin bar features comedy in the lower level and it is always entertaining. Usually 4-5 comedians do their thing so if one is having an off-night, the others will keep the laughs going. Buy tix in advance for Friday, June 21, the 7:30pm show.

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I am hoping this new place is like Eataly in NYC. It just opened and I’m dying to go! Another place that has been compared to the High Line in NYC is our Salesforce Park that will be open soon. From what I’ve read, the landscaping is incredible! Here’s the plan:

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For the Average Income Earner, Here’s One Way to Buy Property. Learn more at my home on May 13.

I’ve been a realtor in San Francisco for almost 25 years and during this time more people are choosing to live outside of SF because of high housing costs. There also seems to be less opportunities for middle-income earners so for this reason, I’ve become involved with an organization called CoBuy that helps friends, family and partners buy a condo or a home together. Their system balances the practical with the emotional and provides a framework for people to ultimately afford a home and own a valuable asset. Please join me at my home on Monday, May 13, 6:30-8:30, with the owner of CoBuy, Matt Holmes.

If you want to talk more about this concept, give me a call. The website for CoBuy is
Whether you’re tired of renting or you dream of creating your own community, buying a home with friends, family, or your partner is a smart and viable option thanks to CoBuy. CoBuy is a startup founded to simplify the co-buying and co-ownership experience.

CoBuy guides you step-by-step through the process of buying a home together, from planning to financing to creating a co-ownership agreement to protect your relationships and your investment. CoBuy also helps you plan for how to exit the arrangement if and when the time comes.

In this informational session, we’ll explore:

● The co-buying process
● Preparation, planning, and how to get started
● Joint financing
● Safeguarding against the risks
● Tips for a successful co-ownership arrangement
CoBuy makes it easier to buy & own a home together, intelligently. Founders Matt Holmes and Pam Hughes started CoBuy in 2015 after experiencing first-hand the unknowns, challenges, and inefficiencies presented by co-buying a home. CoBuy works with friends, unmarried couples, family members, and others looking to buy/own single family homes, condos, or multi-unit properties.


Anyone interested in seeing the author Rachel Kushner speak at The Booksmith this Wednesday evening?

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Move over, Burma Superstar! Mandalay is my new favorite Burmese restaurant. It has been around forever! Why am I just figuring this out? Hurry over to enjoy this specialty. Leslie Iorillo and I surely did! On California at 5th. Plus…no long line to get in!

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How about some wine tasting Thursday, May 2 at Tofino? This wine will be delicious!

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Tiffany Austin is playing at The Bach in Half Moon Bay. She has a beautiful voice and her band is Marcus Shelby’s group. Should be a great show! Join me and Chris Ripps May 12. Concert starts at 4:30pm.

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Best views of SF are at the Salesforce Tower! Then go to Trailblazer Cafe at 350 Mission for Hawaiian food. This is nuts but you must try the spam!


U.C.Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA) is in a new building and it is a stunner! Plus, the current abstract art show of Hans Hofmann is a must-see. Even if you are not a fan of abstract art, seeing these paintings all in one space is powerful.

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This place is so cool! Get playful with the interactive light installations at Have a kava drink at the bar beforehand.

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New music discovery! I met Christopher in Golden Gate Park, playing in the tunnel near the Conservatory of Flowers because of the acoustics. Check him out:

Ever want to learn more about sherry? The restaurant in the AirBnB building has some very knowledgeable bartenders so taste away at Bellota! We didn’t get to the food…next visit.

I have seen the film by the group, Hydrous, and it is incredible. Try to see this Sunday but you need to register. Here’s the info: 
IMMERSE, a virtual reality (VR) film developed by the Hydrous to generate awareness and scientific understanding of coral reefs, will premiere at the International Ocean Film Festival (IOFF) on March 10, 2019 from 10am to 2pm at Fort Mason in San Francisco. Screenings are FREE, but you need to reserve a space online.

Our goal now is to take ONE MILLION people on this virtual dive to increase ocean awareness and provide “OPEN ACCESS OCEANS” for all. We can’t bring everyone to the ocean, but now we can bring the ocean to everyone! If you can, please DONATE once again to The Hydrous so that we can share IMMERSE broadly. We look forward to maintaining our momentum, and continuing to engage frontier technologies and scientific analyses to encourage ocean conservation.